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We are proud to be the pioneer consulting firm delivering turnkey services and solutions to our clients.

​ Through our network of business partners and our in-house team we are able to provide all services and solutions your company may need, regardless of the nature of the job.

​ Brasco Enterprises offers turnkey services that fit whatever type of business yours may be and however deep you want to explore emerging market opportunities. Whether you simply need an overview or market research, or you want to go as far as to open a corporate office, build a factory, and open retail stores, Brasco Enterprises has you covered from A to Z. We work with companies of all types and industries, ranging from retail to direct sales, agribusiness, food, drink & consumer goods, real estate, technology, health care, security, cosmetics, e-commerce, energy, and oil & gas.

​In other words, we can work on solutions for your business in Brazil and have it fully executed and delivered with all the equipment necessary to run the business, the facilities, and recruiting. We can go as far as you want us to go.

Call us now at (310)-254-9700 to talk to a specialist and get a free consultation, or contact us by e-mail, and learn how we can help you on every step of starting in Brazil.

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