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No matter whether you ordered a set of licenses, or if you purchased a complete turnkey project, we provide you with daily follow-up on all phases and steps of the job. Our follow-up keeps our clients up to date, sometimes in real time, with the status of their projects, whether the services are of the same nature or not.

Brasco Enterprises is very committed to our clients and knows the importance of supplying them with analytical and managerial timetables and reports, showing clearly the progress of each case, job, service, or request. They have access to those graphics and reports online.

Often, we break a project into phases, in order to make it progress in a faster and more organized fashion. Subdividing a project into phases, the total work load of a project is cut into smaller components, thus making it easier to monitor. Commonly, the phases of a project we provide follow-up are: (i) initiation; (ii) definition; (iii) design; (iv) development; and (v) implementation. In each of those phases, there are several and multiple sub-items that are tracked and monitored.​

The client has contact with just one consultant or specialist, who has full control and knowledge of all phases and tasks of a project, without the need and annoyance of talking to many players to obtain information, guidance or critical decision points.

Call us now at (310)-254-9700 to talk to a specialist and get a free consultation, or contact us by e-mail, and learn how we can help you on every step of starting in Brazil.

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