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Brasco Enterprises offers an extensive range of side services that will substantially help your company achieve the next-level of success. We draw on our extensive knowledge and relationships across businesses active in the Brazilian market to help corporations, directors, business owners and professionals acquire businesses that meet their criteria or simply establish a better network.

We can provide you with referrals, leads, presentations and formal network sharing, for instance.

Notwithstanding, you may ask us to review the universe of potential acquisition targets in light of certain specific criteria, such as size range, capabilities, key relationships with suppliers, customers, etc. Once we have researched and identified possible targets, you may then ask us to approach some or all of them without revealing your identity to gauge their interest in a sale.

Directors may want to establish or consolidate a market-leading position by expanding horizontally, buying competitors, or increase control of the supply chain within their sector or subsector by expanding vertically, buying suppliers or customers.

Our side services include:

project financing

network formation

distributorship network


unlocking a situation through our extensive contacts in the market

identifying and approaching targets

advising on the structure of transactions

interacting with counterparties

*Inegotiating and advising during the course of a transaction


Call us now at (310)-254-9700 to talk to a specialist and get a free consultation, or contact us by e-mail, and learn how we can help you on every step of starting in Brazil.

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