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About Us

Ultrabrics is a division and trademark of Brasco Enterprises Group.

As a division of Brasco Enterprises® Group (, our team specializes in growing economies, focusing on Brazil and India.

Ultrabrics as the Latin-Asian desk of Brasco Enterprises is the strategic partner that takes your dreams of expanding into emerging markets and turns them into reality, all with limited investment and limited work on your end. 


Our Story

We were incorporated in 2013 in Central California where we grew and moved to Southern California where our headquarters are currently located.  As Brasco Enterprises businesses grew and an array of new specialized areas were added, in 2020 the Ultrabrics division was created as a highly specialized unit for opening companies in Brazil and/or India and the only company in the market that provides clients with all types of services through its integration platform.


Indeed, we offer turnkey services that fit whatever type of business yours may be, and however deep you want to explore emerging market opportunities. Whether you simply need an overview or market research, or you want to go as far as to open a corporate office, build a factory, and open retail stores, Brasco has you covered from A to Z. Brasco works with companies of all types and industries ranging from retail, to direct sales, agribusiness, food drink & consumer goods, real estate, technology, health care, security, cosmetics, e-commerce, energy, and oil & gas.


Our consultants are able to create a bespoken project that will match your needs, no matter if your budget is tight or not.  We can make your company, your brand, and business set up in two of the largest growing economies, that together sum up to approximately 1.7 billion consumer market.


Ask us about other South American markets such as Argentina, Uruguay, and Asian markets such as Kazakhstan, Russia, and China.


            We pride to be rated as A+ by the Better Business Bureau and for the many awards we have received through the years that attest our expertise and quality in the services we deliver.

Our Clients

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