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Foreign entities incorporating in Brazil are required by law to permanently maintain a legal representative who is the registered agent in the Country.​

A legal representative must have powers to sign on behalf of the foreign partners, solve issues related to the business, respond in a legal capacity, and receive summons on behalf of the overseas company.

The legal representative appointed by the company does not necessarily have to be a Brazilian citizen, but he or she must have legal presence in the country as a permanent resident.

​Regardless of the type of entity you are incorporating in Brazil, each partner, quota holder, or shareholder must have a legal representative fully empowered to act on behalf of the company and its members.

Brasco Enterprises offers highly-qualified legal representatives who may, should you choose, administer the entity being incorporated in Brazil.

​Whether you are just starting in Brazil or intends to change the current legal representative, you can rely on our services.

​ Contact us and we will be glad to understand your needs and provide the best solution.

Call us now at (310)-254-9700 to talk to a specialist and get a free consultation, or contact us by e-mail, and learn how we can help you on every step of starting in Brazil.

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