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Turnkey Solutions Serving Brazil

At Ultrabrics, we offer turnkey business solutions to help make the process streamlined and seamless. Our mission is to provide expert insight and constant support throughout the process. 

Ultrabrics was incorporated in 2013 in Central California, where we grew and moved to Southern California, where our headquarters are currently located. As Brasco Enterprises' businesses grew and an array of new specialized areas were added, in 2020, the Ultrabrics division was created as a highly specialized unit for opening companies in Brazil and India and the only company in the market that provides clients with all types of services through its integration platform.

Safe Working Environment
Business Team

Ultrabrics provides: 

  • Extensive in-house experience

  • Specialized industry expertise

  • A seamless transition

  • Quick results 

  • Consistent support throughout the process

  • Cost-effective

  • Stay ahead of the curve

  • Deliver objectives promptly

We understand the importance of a structured strategy and can help you with a wide range of expertise. Whether you need an overview of market research, or you want to go as far as to open a corporate office, build a factory, and open retail stores, Brasco has you covered from A to Z. Brasco works with companies of all types and industries ranging from retail, to direct sales, agribusiness, food drink & consumer goods, real estate, technology, health care, security, cosmetics, e-commerce, energy, and oil & gas. We listen to your needs and provide solutions for your business and business objectives. Contact us for more information on our turnkey project services!


Ready to start your business growth into an emerging market?

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